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Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety and Security Measures are in place for the Pen Pal Project?

We know security and safety is most important for you and it is for us too! We have designed a process to ensure the best safety and security measures for you and your family!

Each community family and superhero have to go through a written application and a zoom before we can pair them! When we pair up a superhero from someone in the community for the Letters of Love option, we will ask both parties to sign a contract to ensure that the information shared on both interactions will not be shared with the public or others.

Will the other party of the Pen Pal Interaction know my address?

No, all letters from both parties will be mailed through a PO Box. Once we receive the letter from the PO Box, we put it in another envelope and address it to the other party. The Pen Pal Project only has access to addresses, no one else. This process secures the safety of the addresses of both families.

What happens if our family finds something inappropriate in our letter?

After receiving the letter from our P.O. Box, our team will open each letter and make sure everything written in the letter is appropriate and written correctly. If we find something inappropriate in the letter, we will dispose of the letter and ask the Pen-Pal to write another card and describe what we found inappropriate. We will put the letter in a new envelope and mail it to the other party, so it still feels like opening a new card.

What are the safety protocols during Covid?

We will encourage all families to wash their hands and wipe down the surface before writing the card. In addition, we will ask families to wipe down the envelope of the card before mailing. 

Once we receive the mail from our PO Box, we will again wipe down the envelope and the letter. When approving the letters, we will wash our hands, wipe down our area and be wearing a mask. 

After we approve the letter, we will wipe down the envelope and letters one more time and ship them off to the appropriate location. 

We encourage all participants to wipe down the envelope once again when receiving the letter.

Instead of licking the envelope to seal, we use a sticker to seal.

If a family member/pen-pal contracts Covid-19, they need to immediately reach out to us and any card they sent within the previous week will be retracted. The Pen-Pal Interaction will be put on pause until approved to continue by our team again.

We encourage everyone to stay healthy by washing your hands, wearing a mask and staying 6-feet apart. 

What if we stop hearing from our Pen-Pal?

We have a monitoring sheet to see how many cards we get from each Pen-Pal a week. If we notice your Pen-Pal has stopped sending letters within the past few weeks, we contact that Pen-Pal. If we do not hear back or if they are not interested anymore, then we may have to pair you with a new Pen-Pal. We hope this doesn't happen, but we want to set precautionary measure in the case it does.

Thank you for taking interest in our project! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email 

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